Disturbing the way how farmers identify the pests, choose the right product and get it delivered.

Who are our users?

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Connect farms, manufacturers, advisors and distributors

Dr Agro is a digital – pocket crop protection manager which help farmers to identify the problem within the field, to find a right combination of the pesticides and to organize a purchasing of these pesticides.

How it works?

Despite agriculture technology is developing fast, some segments of this industry remain untouchable.

This is the situation with pesticide industry. Farmers across the world still rely on old procedures when identifying the pest and get recommendations. They rely mostly on themselves and crop advisors, both independent or those who are employed by chemical industry. This process flow is very slow and costly, since per one crop protection manager (both independent or hired by the industry) there are more than 500 farmers, on average. Because of that, more than 80% of farmers across the globe does not have any control on their crop protection activities. Many of them does not recognize the pests in the field, and because of that they usually chose products which aren’t perfectly suited for the specific problem in the field they are facing. This leads to wrong application and consequently, to the wide resistance of weeds, fungus and insects.

Dr Agro app is going to solve this problem
by enabling farmers to have a complete and digital crop protection manager in the pocket

They will have the opportunity to use Dr Agro technology (based on deep learning, computer vision powered by complex and patented algorithms) and within a minute to identify not only the pests in the field, but also to get the right recommendation to solve it. Finally, farmers will receive the opportunity to buy the products online from the dealers who list these products on Dr Agro platform.

Type of industry

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Industrial crop

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